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Protect the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act is one of the strongest, most effective wildlife protection laws in the world. It is the last line of defense to keep imperiled wildlife from going extinct. The act is supported by 90 percent of American voters and has kept species like the bald eagle, California condor, and Florida manatee from going extinct. If it weren’t for this law, scientists estimate that at least 227 species would have already vanished from the wild by now.

Members of Congress are disregarding science and proposing bills to slash the Endangered Species Act, threatening the existence of the imperiled wildlife the act protects.

Preventing species from going extinct in the face of so many threats takes collaboration. Everyone – from federal agencies to global corporations, to each of us – has to commit to the same set of actions when a species is in danger of disappearing forever.

Most recently, The House Natural Resources Committee moved forward a series of bills that would gut protections for endangered and threatened wildlife and their habitat under the Endangered Species Act. The bills (H.R. 424, “Gray Wolf State Management Act;” H.R. 717 “Listing Reform Act;” H.R. 1274 “State, Tribal, and Local Species Transparency Recovery Act;” H.R. 2603 “Saving America’s Endangered Species Act;” and H.R. 3131 “Endangered Species Litigation Reasonableness Act”) would undermine the Endangered Species Act by prioritizing politics over science and undercutting citizens’ ability to help enforce the law. Learn more about each bill here.

There IS something powerful you can do as an individual to protect the Endangered Species Act: Tell your congressional representatives to stand strong against any proposal to tamper with the Endangered Species Act.

Together, we can protect the species from disappearing forever. Join Racing Extinction and Defenders of Wildlife to take part.