The Connection is Clear

We are producing more carbon than at any time in the history of the planet. That carbon spike has caused ocean acidification to rise 25% over the past 200 years, resulting in the death of 19% of the world’s reefs.

Challenge Your City

Coral reefs support 25% of the world's marine life

In 2016 we will be challenging leaders around the globe to clean up our cities and abandon fossil fuels. Join us to learn more about how you can help.


Have Joined the Race

“It’s not a spectator sport anymore. Everybody has to become active somehow.”

- Louie Psihoyos

FLIR – Making the invisible visible

The camera is a game changer. By exposing CO2 in the world around us it allows the world to see what scientists have been talking about for decades.

The Carbon Connection

There have been 5 mass extinctions on Earth and in each there was a massive carbon spike followed by the deaths of the coral reefs.

Racing Extinction Illuminating Boulder, CO

The team brought the critical message of Racing Extinction to Boulder International Film Festival using their electric projection vehicle.

10 Cities Initiative

Change starts at home, and in your hometown. This fall we’re going to put audiences to work taking action in their own communities, and we are going to need your help. Take a second to sign up below and we’ll send you an update when it’s ready for primetime.

Carbon is killing our coral reefs

Mass extinction is preceded by the die off of the coral reefs. The current carbon spike has caused ocean acidification to rise 25%, resulting in the death of 19% of the world’s reefs. If nothing is done to substantially cut emissions, we could lose coral reefs as we know them within 100 years.

Find Out More About Green Power

Find more information about available green power options.

60% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by transportation and electricity. It's easy and cost effective to make better transportation choices. We’ll show you about plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles and how you can work with your city to get more clean air vehicles on the road.



Calculate the Cost of Your Emissions

Learn about Electric Vehicle Costs

We’ll show you everything you need to know about zero emissions vehicles. Start by calculating how much you’ll save with the UC Davis Electric Vehicle Explorer. It's easy, and it will get you on track to becoming more eco-friendly!