We are Racing Extinction

The global illegal wildlife trade is bringing animals around the world to the brink. Pledge your support for national and international efforts to protect endangered species.

We are Racing Extinction

Your Voice was Heard!

After the ‪#RacingExtinction‬ premiere, 24,000+ people immediately took climate action, demanding progress from leaders of the world’s 5 largest carbon emitters. Join us now so we can keep the pressure on.

Help Nat Geo Photo Ark

Protect All of Earth's Species

"The goal of the project is to get the public to turn their eyes away from everyday distractions and to think about the other species we share the planet with — while there’s still time to save them."

- Joel Sartore

“There has never been a better time to be alive if you want to save species because there are so many on the ropes.”

- Joel Sartore


Saving the
Grasshopper Sparrow

By working together, we saved the Grasshopper Sparrow.
Watch and learn how.

200,000 Sharks

That’s how many sharks are killed for the fin trade every day. Our generation is the last generation that can stop this. Share the message.

If we lose an essential species like sharks, the whole environment will start to fail.

Earth's biodiversity is disappearing. National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore shows us the beauty in what we are losing.

Hello, World!

Save Animals Facing Extinction

Initiative 1401 in Washington state will protect ten animal species currently threatened with extinction. Pledge your support for the initiative and find out how you can help bring this legislation to your state.

Ban Shark Finning

The sale, trade, distribution, and possession of shark fins remains legal in most parts of the U.S. Currently, only 9 US states ban the trade of shark fins: Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, California, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, New York, and Massachusetts. And New Jersey is very close. In collaboration with Oceana, Humane Society of the U.S. and Humane Society International, we are working on bans in new states starting with Rhode Island and Vermont. Pledge to support state legislation.

Stand Up For Wildlife

Poaching, illegal animal trafficking and overconsumption are bringing precious species to the brink. The time is now for world leaders to act – and for all of us to speak up. Thank the President for stepping up to protect endangered species and ask him to finalize the Administration's proposed rule to stop the commercial ivory trade in the United States. Poachers have killed more than 100,000 elephants in the last three years and we are running out of time. Please act now and show your support.